K A T E  H I G G I N S


I love to cook! If I see something that looks good I'll always try to make it, and even put my own twist on it! Not sure if Gordon Ramsey would approve, but my family and friends love it!

I am that girl, that when the pumpkin spice lattes come around every year there is a good chance I'm first in line.

Growing up I had a dream to become an Olympic gymnast.

I look for any excuse to go to the beach, it's my happy place!

The love of my life is from another continent and the accent NEVER gets old!

I'm Kate! I am a wife, mother, follower of Jesus and wanna be beach bum. I spent many years working at night to be able to be home with my kiddos while pursuing my dream of being a photographer full time. In 2018 I made the leap from part time to pursuing this amazing calling full time! It's such an honor to capture your special milestones and seasons in life to help you build your legacy through images.

About Kate Higgins